Per Person Daily Rates

In order to illustrate implementing Per Person Daily rates, we will use the following example:

Assume you have a property that is $299 per night for up to 6 people, but can reasonably accommodate 10 occupants. In such an instance, the base rate of $299 per night would be valid for up to 6 people, but if a 7th person is included in the reservation the rate must go up incrementally by $29 per night to $328 per night. The same would be true when adding an 8th occupant, again increasing the rate incrementally by $29 per night, this time to $357 per night.

Implementing Per Person Daily Rates

Assuming that Per Person Rates have been activated for a specific property, the next step is to navigate to Daily Rates.

1. Click the property's Rate tab
2. Click the Daily Rates link

Step #1: The most important item when setting up per person rates is the "+" icon. The "+" icon is what allow you to add additional rates for each person. In the example above the rate for 1 to 6 guests is $299.00 per night. Each additional guest (up to 10) is an additional $29.00 per night. Thus the rate is $328.00 for the 7th guest (7 to 7) and $357.00 per night for the 8th guest (8 to 8) and $387 per night for the 9th guest, etc..

Step #2: Make sure to click the floppy disk icon to save each rate band.