Which payment gateways are supported by Lodgix.com?

To process credit cards using the Lodgix.com application you must use one of our supported payment gateways.  Our supported gateways include Authorize.net (USA), Quantum (USA), BeanStream (Canada) and Iridium (Europe).

We also support PayPal simple payments.  However,  you only have the ability to invoice for guest payments.  You cannot re-bill the credit card of a guest for the remaining balance or for damages, etc.  However, PayPal simple payments is supported in many foreign countries where it can be more difficult to obtain a traditional merchant account.

For almost all US US merchant account providers, you can add authorize.net to your existing merchant account by simply contacting your merchant account representative.

Authorize.net (USA) - Authorize.net is the largest payment gateway in the United States.   However, Authorize.net requires that you purchase their Customer Information Manager (CIM) product to store your guests credit card information on their servers.  The cost is $20.00 per month.

Please contact your existing merchant account provider to add authorize.net to your merchant account.  

Quantum (USA) is the Lodgix.com preferred payment gateway.  We chose Quantum because they have very low fees and they don't charge an additional monthly fee to store guest credit card numbers.  We've partnered with CDG Commerce to offer merchant accounts using the Quantum Gateway.  

Save yourself a heck of a lot of time and follow my instructions on what materials you will need ready when applying for a merchant account through CDG (or any merchant account provider).

View Quantum Gateway  Fees (Merchant Account & Gateway)  and Online Sign-up



PayLeap is a good company.  However if you are considering obtaining a new merchant account,  CDG Commerce / Quantum Gateway is a better route.  CDG is just a great company and we have a great working relationship with them.   Read more about Payleap here.

View PayLeap Fees (Merchant Account & Gateway)  and Online Sign-up

Iriidum (Europe):  Iridium is a payment gateway that supports all European countries.

Iriidum (Europe):  Iridium is a payment gateway that supports all European countries.

Online Sign-up Using Co-branded Lodgix.com / Iridium Application

BeanStream (Canada): The Beanstream online credit card processing gateway supports Canadian and US dollar transactions for the most popular credit cards - including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Discover as well as several private label cards. All services available in English or French.