Creating Location Specific Pages Using the Plugin

A situation may present itself where the property manager has rentals located in different areas and wishes to have pages created which only list the rentals in those areas.  Alternately, the PM may want to categorize properties based on different criteria, such a "Oceanfront" or "2nd Row". This can be accomplished using the Category Manager.

Step #1:  Open the Category Manager within Lodgix

Step #1:  Open the Area Manager of Lodgix

Step #2:  Define the Categories

The order can be changed using the drag and drop interface.

Step #3:  Assign each Category to a Property

Step 3:  Assign each Area to a Property

This is done from the Address tab of the property edit screen.

Regenerate Pages in WordPress

WordPress Next Steps

Once the categories have been defined and assigned to properties, it is time to "save and regenerate" the pages within the Lodgix WordPress plug-in.  Once this step is complete, the "category pages" will be generated and show up within WordPress.

Add the New Pages to Menus

  1. Within WordPress, navigate to Appearance > Menus
  2. Select the Category that you want to add and click the "Add to Menu" button
  3. Position the Category using the drag and drop interface
  4. Save

Example of Category Pages as Submenus

Example of a Client using Areas as Submenus