The Lodgix.com WordPress plugin is a responsive plugin that will generate output that works well on all screen sizes and mobile devices.  The plugin output can be styled using css quite easily by following the customization instruction provided.

The plugin dynamically syncs your WordPress website with Lodgix. If you own or manage vacation rental properties this plugin will create a searchable / sortable listing interface for all of your rentals on your Wordpress website.  

THIS PLUGIN REQUIRES A SUBSCRIPTION TO LODGIX.COM.  To view pricing and sign-up for a free 30 day trial, please visit:


Within the plug-in we've supplied credentials to a Lodgix demo account.   Using the demo credentials you can activate the plugin and immediately see how the plug-in would work and look if Lodgix.com was utilized. The sections below outline what pages the plugin creates and what widgets are included with the plugin.

Search / Sort Page - Row Option

The search / sort page has an option to display property summaries in a row (as above) or a grid format.  The output can be styled using CSS.  There are a few options within the plugin settings to turn off the display of certain elements without using CSS, however for the most part we leave control of the design up to the designer using CSS.

Search / Sort Page - Grid Option

Property Page - One Page Format

The one page format displays all of the property details and images on one page.   The other format we offer is the tabbed page format.

Featured Rentals Widget

Featured Rentals Widget

The Featured Rentals widget can be embedded in any sidebar or page and will feature user selected properties or the properties can be set to dynamically rotate.  Featured properties can be displayed horizontally or vertically.

Rentals Search Widget

Rentals Search Widget

The Rentals Search widget can be displayed in your sidebar and is unique in that it returns a real time result counter before the guest clicks on "Display Results".   This is an important feature as it saves the guest the frustration of having no results returned and having no idea which of the search criteria caused no results being returned.

Read how amenities can be added as filters to the Rentals Search widget.