Vacation Certificates

Through, we are able to purchase bulk vacation certificates through Purchasing these certificates from directly costs $599.00 for a 7 night stay at a resort of your choice. Thus the retail value of the certificates is $599.00.  However, that doesn't mean you can expect $599.00 a week type of accommodations. In many instances your certificate will score you a spacious condo or town home that would rent for $150 to $300 a night at other locations. There really are some great resorts available IF YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THIS ARTICLE!

What exactly are resort vacation certificates?

What exactly are resort vacation certificates?

Basically it's a way to move excess inventory at timeshare resorts.  The timeshare resorts would rather make something than leave the units sit empty and make nothing.  The certificate are always good for a weekly stay typically from Friday to Friday or Saturday to Saturday.

Typically there are very few additional costs, outside of the cost of the certificate.   However, many times they will ask for a $50.00 to $150.00 deposit and most resorts will charge a daily or a weekly fee for use of the Internet.   In some locations there may be a fee to park your car.

From their website:

"A Resort Vacation Certificate (“Certificate(s)”) is a certificate redeemable for 7-night stays at many resort properties worldwide*.The Certificate(s) is designed to be used for off-peak/off‑season travel, although accommodations may be available throughout the year.  Peak seasons can vary according to destination.  IMPORTANT: Certificate(s) are for promotional pur­poses and cannot be resold for cash or other consideration.

I don't get it, what's the catch?

The catch, if there is one, is two-fold:

  1. Inventory during peak travel times may be limited
  2. Typically they will ask you to sit through a time share presentation in exchange for cash, gas cards, gifts, etc.  Just say "No Thanks."

The good news is that with some research, you can typically find some great units at any time of the year and turning down the timeshare presentation is just a matter of saying "thanks, but no thanks".    As the owner of Lodgix my family uses these certificates twice a year and we've never attended a timeshare presentation.  Typically after you register and check- in, the front desk will point to another desk (manned by an appointment scheduler) and they'll require you go to that desk to get your keys, parking pass, etc..  They aren't dumb, so they make sure that some important component of your stay must be picked up there.  

At that time, they'll tell you about the great gifts that you can obtain by attending their timeshare presentation   Personally, I can't stand those presentations.  I always say "No thanks", and they say "ok, no problem, here's your parking pass or discount card, etc. and that's it.  You are done and fully checked in.  Sometimes they'll call and sweeten the deal during your stay, but since they call the room phone, we never answer.   If you do decide to attend the presentation, just beware it's a hard sell.  You will have to tell them "No" many times.  The gifts they offer many times are worth hundreds of dollars, so it can be hard to turn down, but I just don't like someone selling me something on my vacation!

Do resort vacation certificates expire?

Yes, they expire if accommodations are not booked before the “Book by Date” printed on the Certificate(s), which can be up to 12 months from the date of purchase.  IMPORTANT: Certificate(s) cannot be extended beyond the “BOOK BY DATE”.

How do I redeem my certificate?

How do I redeem my certificate?

Visit, enter your email address, choose a password and enter the 12 character Certificate number. The Certificate will remain valid until: (1) it is redeemed by booking an accommodation, or (2) it expires.  

How do I search through available resorts?

  1. Select a destination.  The great thing about these certificates is that they are all over the US and the World.   If you are flexible in where you want to go and when you want to go, and if you do  your research, you can have an incredible time for almost nothing.
  2. Select travel dates.  Some dates will have little or no inventory.  Other dates will only offer "Upgrade" options.  Inventory changes every week and varies according to seasonality and demand.  Check often!
  3. No Charge Versus Upgrade.   No charge means just that, there are no additional nightly charges for reserving those rooms.  Upgrade means you can pay an extra price to get the room you want.  

How to get incredible deals using Vacation Certificates!

How to get incredible deals using Vacation Certificates!

The most important item to getting a great deal is to check TripAdvisor reviews.   Typically just type "(insert name of resort) reviews" into Google and look for the listing for TripAdvisor.

The example above is for the "Silver Lake Resort" in Orlando, FL (actually it's in Kissimmee.  The first four results are results from TripAdvisor.  Read the reviews and check their rating.  the guests will give you some valuable insight into the quality of the resort, how updated the units are, great places to eat and get groceries, things to do, etc.   Our family will only stay at resort that have high number of great reviews from other guests.   Keep in mind, people by their nature are far more prone to post about poor experiences rather than incredible experiences.  So the reviews are skewed a little bit.  However, the great resorts still have far more positive reviews than negative reviews.   If you seen review after review which has nothing good to say, odds are good that you might have the same experience.  

My family stayed at the Silver Lake Resort in Kissimmee from Dec. 10 -17.  We got a huge 1500 square foot, two bedroom condo, with flat screen TVs, granite counter tops, king size beds, etc.  all at the no charge rate!  The resort had a pool bar, incredible pools, kiddie pool., movie theater, tennis courts, game room, kids activities and was five minutes from Disney World.  It was also a gated community so we all felt safe.   My parents went with us, and we called ahead and requested two units next to each other, which is great for the kids to run next door to see grandma and grandpa!

We research probably 15 resorts and this one by far had the best reviews.  We were asked very politely if we wanted to save $150 on Disney tickets and sit through a timeshare presentation.  We declined and that was it.  No pressure the rest of the week.  

What accommodations can I typically get using my Certificate(s)?

All accommodations are for 7-night stays with a fixed check-in day and range in size from studios to 2+ bedrooms.  Many offer living rooms, dining rooms, fully-equipped kitchens and laun­dry facilities. Resort locations are worldwide and based on availability.  The Certificate(s) is designed to be used for off-peak/off season travel, although accommodations may be available throughout the year.  Peak seasons can vary according to destination.

Typical search result display:

  1. TripAdvisor Rating (make sure to sort by TripAdvisor rating)
  2. Shows whether there are No Charge and / or upgrade accommodations available
  3. Click"view this resort" to view more images, etc. on the resort.

Some resorts we've stayed at that have been great!

  1. Massanutten Resort in McGaheysville, Virginia
  2. Silver Lake Resort in Kissimmee, FL
  3. The Historic Powhatan Resort in Williamsburg, VA