Lodgix Channel Partners

The way it should work is that your vacation rental management software is the primary source of all your rental information including up to the minute rates, rules and availability as well as the latest property images and marketing copy.  Lodgix.com should automatically push that data to all of your vacation rental marketing partners, thus all sites (including your website) are kept up-to-date and synced with the correct rates, availability, marketing copy and images.

Lodgix connects to several channel partners including the 27+ properties in the HomeAway netowrk. Other channel partners include Airbnb, FlipKey, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Expedia and Booking.com. The minimum requirement to participate in the HomeAway and Flipkey / TripAdvisor integrations are four (4) property listings.

Lodgix also publishes an extremely comprehensive and versatile Wordpress plugin which makes creating a website that is sync'd with Lodgix super easy.

Additionally we also publish iCal export URLs for all properties and allow iCal importing from any third party sites that we do not integrate with.

You can refer to the chart below to to see which channels we integrate with, and what features are available when integrated with each channel.

Lodgix Channel Chart