Setup Your Properties

Your properties are the foundation of your Lodgix account. Almost every element of the Lodgix application pulls information from your property setup, so it is important to be very thorough. You should also put some thought into your pricing strategy and plan ahead for future rate updates.

Should You Use Seasonality Templates?

Lodgix provides the option to set your rates individually for each property, or create rate templates that are then assigned to multiple properties. Seasonality templates offer a method for setting and updating your rates and rules across multiple properties simultaneously, which primarily benefits property managers with more than 5 properties. Those with less than 5 properties will most likely want to simply set rates for each property individually, unless all properties have very similar pricing. The following article explains how Seasonality Templates work, and can help you decide which method is right for you... Setting up Seasonality Templates: Best Practices

Are Your Properties Single Units or Multi Units?

Lodgix differentiates between different types of properties for two primary reasons:  occupancy and calendaring. How you set up your properties can make a big difference in how the application works for you.   Typically the choice is very simple.

If you want the guest to be able to choose which property or room to rent, then your properties should be set up as single-unit entities.

If you want the guest to reserve only a "room type" (e.g. one bedroom ocreanfront), and have the system (or the property manager) assign which property or room the guest is assigned, then your property should be set up as a multi-unit entity.

Note that even if your units are all located in the same building, a single unit setup is often the correct option. Multi-unit setups are typically reserved for larger hotel-style resorts with interchangeable rooms. Additionally, multi-unit listings will not integrate with many of our channel partners.

Importing Your Properties from Homeaway / VRBO

If you already have existing listings on HomeAway / VRBO, Lodgix offers a slick and efficient tool to import properties from HomeAway into Lodgix. This can save a great deal of time in the initial setup process. Full instructions on this tool can be found here: Creating Properties on Lodgix from HomeAway / VRBO Listings

Setting Up Your First Property

You will setup your first property from the "+" icon on the List All Properties page. Our setup wizard with guide you through the process. It is in your best interests to be as thorough as possible when setting up your properties... especially the first property.

Adding Additional Properties

Adding Additional Properties

When creating additional properties you will have the option to copy an existing property and then edit the details, rather than starting from scratch each time.