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Creating an Invoice from an iCal Block

Many property managers use iCal to immediately sync their calendars to various channels, then manually replace the block with a reservation, allowing them to use the many reservation managment features that Lodgix has to offer. You can now convert an iCal block to a reservation with a just single click!

Click on the block you want to convert

Click the Create Reservation button

Remember this feature is only available for blocks created via iCal. It will not work for blocks that have been created by subscribers, employees, or owners. Once you have clicked the Create Reservation button, the block is immediately replaced by a reservation. You can update or modify this new reservation just like any other.

A note about email addresses

Most iCal feeds will not include the guests email address, and thus it cannot be used when creating the reservation. In these circumstances, Lodgix will generate a system email. This can be updated with the guests actual email address if you possess it, but note that no trigger emails will be sent to system email addresses.

If any additional information is passed through the feed (comments, etc.) it will be captured and stored in the Invoice Comments area of the guest control panel.