Assessing Channel Commission to Owners

Some channels like and, charge a commission on every booking.  Some property managers would like to get reimbursed for that from their owners.   This support article illustrates how to pass through channel commissions to owners via the owner statement.

Go to Modules > Property Management

Go to Modules > Property Management the owner and then navigate to the Property tab.

There you will find a setting to "Assess Channel Commissions to Owner", if set to Yes, the channel commissions will pass through to the owner statement.

How to Set Channel Commissions

How to Set Channel Commissions

Navigate to settings > channel management > integrations

Currently we support commission pass through only for and   Whatever commission you set here, will be increased by 2% to reflect the 2% Lodgix charges you on top of the channel commission.   So if charges you 15%, and Lodgix charges you 2% and you want to pass the full 17% through to the owner, then you would enter the channel commission of 15% here and the Lodgix 2% will just be added on to that.