Calendar Sync for FlipKey & TripAdvisor

Lodgix can sync calendar data from Lodgix calendars with corresponding listings on FlipKey & TripAdvisor using iCal feeds.

Locate the Lodgix iCal Feed

Locate the Lodgix iCal Feed

Click on the Settings > Channel Management > iCalendar menu item within Lodgix.

Importing Lodgix Calendar Data into Flipkey

  1. Find your property
  2. Copy the .ics (iCalendar) Export URL provided for that property.   That URL must be pasted into FlipKey.

Login to FlipKey

Login to FlipKey

Login to Flipkey, click on the Properties > "Update Calendar", from the dropdown choose the property that you wish to sync with Lodgix and make sure to click on the Sync with other calendars tab.

Add a Calendar

Add a Calendar
  1. Choose "Other" as the type of calendar.
  2. Name your calendar.
  3. Paste the iCal export URL from Lodgix
  4. Click Sync with this calendar.

Note:  Calendars will update only when FlipKey polls the data feed.  This should occur several times per day.  

Updating Lodgix with Flipkey Reservations

Flipkey currently only offers calendar syncing to those accounts with 5 or more listing on Flipkey.   Flipkey doesn't offer iCal exporting, nor do they currently offer an API to sync reservation data with 3rd party software companies.