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Creating Properties on Lodgix from HomeAway / VRBO Listings

Property setup is always the first task any new Lodgix account.   Since most property managers already have existing listings on HomeAway / VRBO, we've developed a slick and efficient tool to import properties from HomeAway into Lodgix.

Go to Properties > List all Properties

Step 1: Authorize Lodgix to Access HomeAway

Step 1: Authorize Lodgix to Access HomeAway

Step 2: What Kind of User are You?

Choose "Owner".

Step 3: Grant Access

Click the "Grant Access" button.

Step 4:  Choose Which Properties to Import into Lodgix

Step 4:  Choose Which Properties to Import into Lodgix
  1. Select the property(s) for importing
  2. Click "Import Selected Properties" button

Note: When importing properties, all reviews for those properties on HomeAway will also be imported into Lodgix.

Step 5: Import Reservations

  1. Once the property(s) have been imported, the buttons for "Import Reservations" and "Delete Reservations" become active.
  1. Clicking on Import Reservations will open a window.  Please make sure that you've setup AND ASSIGNED all taxes and fees before importing reservations from HomeAway.  If using the Property Management module, owners should also be created and have properties assigned to them prior to importing the reservations.  The import will not modify any existing Lodgix reservations or overwrite them, if a conflict exists, the reservation will simply fail to import.

Go to Properties > List All Properties

All properties imported from HomeAway must be Enabled as by default they are set to a disabled state.

That's it, you are done!


Some subscribers have reported receiving a "Http/1.1 Service Unavailable" error when attempting to grant access. This error occurs on the HomeAway side and has something to do with their cookies. If that occurs, here is a reliable way to import properties from your HomeAway / VRBO account:

  1. Open a new browser tab and go to https://www.homeaway.com/
  2. Login as Traveler with your VRBO / HomeAway owner credentials.
  3. Go back to the Lodgix tab and click on the button "Authorize Access".
  4. Click on either the "Traveler" or the "Owner" button - one you're logged in, both work the same.
  5. Click on "Grant Access".