There are a large number of settings on this page, all of which pertain to online bookings.

  1. Contact Email - This field sets where any booking related notifications are sent.
  2. Send emails on your behalf - Checking this box allows Lodgix to send emails to your guests as though they are from your domain. However this requires that your contact email use your domain, as your Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records must be setup to allow Lodgix to send emails on your behalf.  DO NOT CHECK THIS BOX unless your SPF records have been configured and checked.
  3. Send emails using company name - If this box is checked all emails to guests will display the company name rather than the subscribers personal name.
  4. Secondary Contact Email - This address will be cc'd on all booking related notifications.
  5. Allow degrade invoice status - An invoice can either be in an unconfirmed, confirmed, paid-in-full or refund due state. An invoice will be confirmed once the reservation deposit has been paid. If the guest, for example, adds a day to their stay and if allow degrade invoice status = YES, then the invoice can revert back to an unconfirmed status. Many subscribers want invoice to stay confirmed, once confirmed.  In those instances allow degrade invoice status should = NO and all additional charges will simply be added to the remaining balance amount due.
  6. Weekend Days - Define what days are considered weekends on your calendar.
  7. Accept online bookings - Options are "YES" or "No - Availability Only".
  8. Booking Lead Time - Sets how far in advance of the check in time bookings will be allowed. Setting this to "Disabled" restricts all bookings within 24 hours of checkin. This can also be set to any time period between 1-24 hours.
  9. Allow turnover day bookings - Setting this to "No" will not allow an arrival on the same day as a departure.
  10. Discounts overlap policy - Determines how to handle situations where discounts overlap. Choices are Last Minute, only Length of Stay, or both.
  11. Limit bookings to - Some subscribers want to limit the ability of guests to only be able to book online X of days in advance.
  12. Limit Bookings Custom Text - Set the text to display for all dates on the calendar outside of the bookable range.
  13. Prevent search engines from indexing the Lodgix booking url - This will block search engines from indexing the booking page for the account. This does not prevent search engines from indexing your website.
  14. The cancellation and deposit policies are used within the online booking page ONLY when a rental agreement is not required for display and signature.  The cancellation and deposit policies are used when integrating to HomeAway and they are also referenced in many internal templates using merge tags: [REMAINBALPOLICY] and [CANCELPOLICY]
  15. Online booking thank you text - This text is displayed at the top of the page after an online booking is made.
  16. The remaining three options are pretty self explanatory, clicking on the + icon will drop down fields to configure those fields. There is a separate help document for tracking scripts.