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Setting Up HomeAway Inquiries to Work with Lodgix Inquiry Management

Routing your HomeAway & VRBO inquiries through Lodgix is done by integrating to HomeAway.  That method is only available to Lodgix subscribers with 5 or more properties.  The five property rule is a HomeAway requirement.   At times they offer some flexibility ofr lower numbers of properties, it never hurts to ask them!

The HomeAway Integration

Once you've followed the instructions for integrating directly to HomeAway and you've confirmed that the feed is connected and live, the inquiries will be begin to flow into your Lodgix inquiry dashboard.


Secure Messaging API

As of August 7, 2017, HomeAwa now uses a secure messaging API which means that HomeAway only allows plain text communications with guests.  No logos, no hyperlinks, no HTML and no contact details are allowed within inquiry communications.

This is being deployed to assure that all HomeAway bookings flow through HomeAway.  

Lodgix will be providing a plain text version of all inquiry templates that will be sent automatically for all HomeAway inquiries (if auto responder is turned on).

Screenshots and more instructions will be provided in the coming days.