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How do I setup CDG Commerce / Quantum to integrate with Lodgix.com

CDG Commerce will email you two welcome letters each containing credentials for two different systems.  One will be for the MerchantPortal and another for the Quantum Payment Gateway.

Quantum Gateway Credentials

Quantum Gateway Credentials

Where do I find my Quantum Gateway username and password?  CDG Commerce will have emailed you those credentials in an email titled "Welcome Letter".  

Dear Merchant,

Congratulations! Your new Quantum Gateway account has been activated.

To access your gateway you may go to http://secure.quantumgateway.com/merchant_center.php and login.

Your Gateway Login is xxxxxxxxxxx

Your STARTING password is xxxxxxxxxxx

Please note that this password is only a starting password.

You are strongly advised to change the password by clicking on the Account Settings link after you login.

MerchantPortal Versus Quantum Gateway

MerchantPortal Versus Quantum Gateway

The CDG Commerce Merchant Portal is a separate secure area from the Quantum Gateway.   However, if you can't find your gateway Welcome Letter, but you do have the "CDGcommerce MerchantPortal(tm) & New Account Welcome Letter",  you can login to the MerchantPortal and from there access the Welcome Letter that contains your Quantum Gateway credentials.

Go to Help Center > Merchant Resources and from there click on "View / Close" to view the contents of your Welcome Letter

Logging to the Quantum Gateway

Logging to the Quantum Gateway

Login to the Quantum.com payment gateway here:


Setting up the Secure Vault

Setting up the Secure Vault

Once logged in to the Quantum Gateway:

  1. Click on the menu item "Secure Vault"
  2. Click on the menu item "Edit Vault Config"

Vault Key

  1. Define your vault key.  You will only need to remember this key when enter your Quantum credentials into Lodgix.
  2. Click "Update" to save the new key

That's it for the gateway setup.   However, you will need to keep your Quantum Gateway login and password handy as there are times when logging into the gateway is necessary.  Typically it's quite rare, but if you are processing refunds with any frequency you will need to login to the gateway as Lodgix does not process refunds directly.

Lodgix Gateway Setup

Lodgix Gateway Setup

To enter your Quantum Gateway credentials within Lodgix, please go to Settings > Payment Gateway Setup

  1. Choose "Quantum" as your payment gateway
  2. Enter your Gateway Login ID from your Welcome letter (don't enter your MerchantPortal login id)
  3. Enter the Vault Key you setup earlier in this tutorial
  4. Enable pre-auths (don't do this unless you actually process pre-auths, you can always enable this later)
  5. Click "Save"

That's it!  The Quantum Gateway is now setup to use with Lodgix.com.

IMPORTANT:   NOW PLEASE TEST YOUR GATEWAY TO ASSURE THAT IT IS WORKING CORRECTLY.  That tutorial will also show you how to process credit cards within Lodgix.