Vacation Rental Inquiry Management and Automation

Lodgix subscribers can now route their inquiry emails through Lodgix. This allows a subscriber to:

  1. Run reports by custom periods for inquiries received by source.
  2. Calculate ROI by source as Lodgix can track inquiries as they turn into bookings.
  3. Apply templates to responses for easy and quick responses in the event a property is available or not available.
  4. Generate quotes.
  5. Track inquiries separate from guests. Inquiry tables are sync’d with the email marketing module to allow for email marketing to inquirers.
  6. Access mobile friendly pages for super fast response times when receiving inquiries on your mobile device.
  7. Setup complete automation, allowing inquiries to be answered with templates applied with NO subscriber intervention.
  8. Utilize a feature called “Autosuggest” which will automatically suggest (and quote) other “like” properties in your inventory when an inquiry arrives for a property that is not available

This is truly the most robust inquiry management and conversion tool available anywhere. Best of all we are providing it at no charge to existing customers.


Inquiry Management Screen

Inquiry Management Screen

Setup Screen

Screen shot showing the tabs used for configuring the Lodgix.com Inquiry Management System. Using the Setup Cost tab you will be able to define the cost of your annual listing for ROI calculation or also define the per inquiry cost by source.

Inquiry Listings

From this screen a subscriber is able to monitor the discussion thread, input notes on the inquiry, override the status for each inquiry and most importantly drill down to the inquiry control panel for each inquiry where you can apply templates, manually reply, add a note or change the inquiry status.

Sample Subscriber Notification

Sample Subscriber Notification

Sample of the notification a subscriber (you) will receive for each inquiry that arrives. Each email client might format this email a little differently. This is an example of the email as formatted by Mozilla Thunderbird.