Lodgix provides three default templates for the formal communication of reservation details, policies and rental agreements to your guests. These templates can be modified and copied. If you make any mistakes setting up your templates the default templates can be restored with ease.  

The templates are able to pull data directly from the database to populate the templates with dynamic, guest or reservation-specific data. This is done by using merge tags. Merge tags substitute static text like Guest Name: Joe Schmoe with Guest Name: [GuestFirstName] [GuestLastName].  The text in between the [] tells the application to pull this information from the database and build a document using that data.

Document Templates

PDF Templates

Conversations Tab within the Guest Control Panel

Within the Guest Control Panel for a guest, there are a series of tabs located at the bottom which display invoice-specific information.  The default templates and any new templates you create will be available for generating and sending to the guest within the Conversations tab.

Item #1:  When the Compose button is clicked a form window will open allowing you to email the guest directly.   Within that form is an field where a PDF template can be selected. The PDF will be dynamically generated and attached to the email that is sent to the guest.   (See next step)

Item #2:  Once the email is sent, it is archived and timestamped within the Conversations tab for that invoice. A paperclick is displayed.  When clicked the PDF that was sent will be displayed.

Email Form with Template Attachment

Email Form with Template Attachment

When a manual message is sent to a guest, a form appears in a new window.  There are quite a few fields in the form, several of which are highlighted above and described below.

  1. This is where the dynamically generated system PDF is attached automatically
  2. This is where you can upload any additional documents you wish to send to the guest
  3. This is where you can enter the body of your email to the guest

Keep in mind we do offer appended responses, file uploads and triggers, that can further streamline the communication process.

Accessing the Document Templates from the Guest Invoice

Accessing the PDF Templates from the Guest Invoice

In the bottom right corner of every invoice, there is a box listed for "Correspondence Options".  This is the convenient way to access the communications functionality without returning to the guest control panel.   The same modal windows from the guest control panel will be triggered here.