Email Delivery - Best Practices

Lodgix sends email on your behalf.  This means we send email from Lodgix to you, to your guests and to your employees / owners.  To have that email delivered consistently, requires reading this document very carefully.

SPF Records

SPF Records

Lodgix cannot send email on your behalf if:

  1. Your SPF records are not setup;
  2. Your SPF records are not setup correctly;
  3. You do not own your sending domain.   Free email accounts such as,,, etc..  will NOT work.   It is imperative that you own your own domain, setup the spf records for that domain and then use an email address containing that domain.


Once SPF records are setup, please check your setup here:

SpamAssassin Rules

SpamAssassin Rules

SpamAssassin is widely used by companies that send and receive email.  It is a method by which a computer attempts to determine if an email might be spam.  A score is assigned to each email based upon it's characteristics.   If the score is too high, based upon a sliding scale, different actions could be taken which will impact the delivery of the email.

Here are a few items that increase your SpamAssassin score:

FREEMAIL_FORGED_REPLYTO : Freemail in Reply-To, but not From - Score + 1.2

This will apply to anyone who has not setup their SPF records as recommended earlier in this document.,  When we send emails from Lodgix, we will automatically insert whatever email you've configured within Lodgix as a "reply-to" address.   If you are using a "freemail" account for email (like,,, etc..) your SpamAssassin score will increase 1.2.  Your email has a higher probability of being spam or spammy because you are using a free email account.

So, even if you don't setup your SPF records for your domain, it's recommended  to use your own domain (or other non free address) as free emails like gmail, etc will raise your spam score.