Children, Pet and Smoking Policies

Children, pets, events and smoking can be allowed or forbidden.   These policies are configured from Settings > Policies.

Create a Template

Policy templates can be configured and assigned to properties from Settings > Policies.

  1. Select the template to manage
  2. Edit the template
  3. Delete the template
  4. Copy the template
  5. Add a new template

Set the Policies

From the Edit Policy screen...

  1. Name the policy
  2. Allow Children: Turn on or off
  3. Allow Events: Turn on or off
  4. Allow Smoking: Turn on or off
  5. Allow Pets: Turn on or off
  6. Additional details about the pet policy, such as type and number of pets allowed.
  7. Set the maximum number of pets allowed
  8. Set a minimum age to rent the property

Assign a Template to Each Property

Assign a template to each property.

Where to set up the Pet Fee

Where to set up the Pet Fee

Pet fees can be defined from Settings > Deposits / Fees / Services / Taxes > Fees

  1. Name the fee
  2. Set the fee amount. This will be charged per pet. Pet fees cannot be setup to charge per night.
  3. Choose "Pet Fee Trigger" as the type of fee.