The Guest Control Panel (GCP) is one of the most frequently used components of the entire application.  The GCP is your guest contact management tool, as well as the area that displays the reservation history for the guest.  Additionally, from within the GCP you can process invoice specific payments, changes details of the stay, add a memo to an invoice, etc.

The GCP is comprised of three areas:  

  1. Guest contact information.
  2. Reservation history (Invoices).
  3. Tabs with additional details that are specific to the highlighted invoice.

Guest Contact Information Tab

The most important thing to note in this interface is the inverted method of collecting address information.   Entering the guest's zipcode will automatically populate the city and state for all US guests.

Clear All Billing Data - This button will clear all billing and credit card data for the guest, including all reservations, deleted reservations, merged guest profiles, etc.

  1. PDF Download

The PDF Download area is a new addition to the guest control panel (previously there was a clunky implementation user the Communications tab).  This functionality allows PDFs to be generated and automatically downloaded to your device or PC for any dynamically generated document you've created within Settings > Templates > PDFs.

This can be a handy feature when a document needs to be reviewed before sending to a guest.  PDFs can still be generated and emailed on the fly using the Conversations tab within the guest control panel.

2.     Link to Inquiry

If a reservation / invoice results from an inquiry that passed through Lodgix, an icon will appear linking to the original back and forth conversation that occurred before the booking was made.  This can be handy link to quickly reference any negotiated details that may have occurred before the booking was made.

Reservation Status Icons

Reservation Status Icons

Other Icons Used in the Guest Control Panel

Other Icons Used in the Guest Control Panel

There are icons for showing:

  1. the status of a rental agreement (not present, pending and signed);
  2. when a service has been added to the invoice;
  3. a pet icon when a guest is bringing a pet;
  4. and an umbrella icon will display when a guest has purchased the optional travel insurance.

These icons also show up in the arrival widgets used in the Lodgix dashboard.