Lodgix has partnered with iTravelInsured to offer an integrated travel insurance offering to our property managers and their guests.

About iTravelInsured

About iTravelInsured

iTravelInsured©, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Medical Group©, Inc. (IMG©), a Better Business Bureau accredited business(rated A+).

Founded in 1990, International Medical Group, Inc., headquartered in Indiana, is a worldwide leader in designing, distributing and administering global healthcare benefits. They provide insurance to customers in over 170 different countries. They have prepared plans that reach the needs of these variations of travel to protect their travelers the best way possible.

They have insured millions of travelers since their conception across 170 different countries. They combine their insurance products with an impeccable service record to bring Global Peace of Mind®. Their travelers have 24-hour access to IMG services no matter the part of the world they currently inhabit.

Here is a link to iTravelInsured A+ Better Business Bureau Profile:


What's covered?

Why Offer Travel Insurance to Your Guests?

Why Offer Travel Insurance to Your Guests?
Avoid cancellation confrontation.  

We all have these conversations with a guest on occasion:

"Hi,  My family is scheduled to arrive on Friday for a weeks stay at your property.  Unfortunately we are going to have to cancel because my husband lost his job (insert death in the family, or sick animal / sick kid).  I understand your cancellation policy but would really appreciate it if we could get some or all our deposit refunded as a result of this hardship."

This puts the vacation rental company in a tough situation.  I'm sure your cancellation policy is clear, but there is also the need to balance compassion with the reality that the property will not be able to be re-rented, thus the cash is coming out of your pocket.  Another item to consider is the damage to your online reputation in the event the guest gets upset that a deposit refund is forthcoming.  

Travel Insurance would cover legitimate claims where a guest has to cancel due to death, illness, loss of job, named storms, etc.   For those families with kids or aging relatives, travel insurance can be a lifesaver in the event of a last minute cancellation due to illness or death.

Guests want it.

Travel insurance is a particularly great product for families with younger children and families with aging parents / grandparents.  Kids get sick and we can't avoid life.  However we can protect against it.  For 6.95% of the trip cost, a guest can be assured that if s**t happens, they have an easy means to recoup their trip costs.

Protect cash flow.

If your property(s) are located in an area that is prone to cancellations as a result of hurricanes or tropical storms  then travel insurance can smooth out your cash flows.  If a guest fears traveling during hurricane season, then they'll not make that booking unless their fears can be overcome by providing travel insurance that will reimburse them in the event they have to cancel due to a hurricane or other named storm.