Canceling an Invoice

To cancel an invoice requires going into the reservation history for a guest within the guest control panel.

Click on the "Cancel" icon

Step #2 - Cancellation Window

Step #2 - Cancellation Window

1) Cancellation Fee - this is VERY important if the guest is going to be financially penalized for canceling the reservation.  The cancellation fee MUST be entered here, because it cannot be entered on the invoice after the invoice has been canceled.

2) Issue Refund - this field will populate with the total amount of any payments the guest has made towards the invoice.  If a cancellation fee is assessed then the refund amount must be reduced by the amount of the cancellation fee.  Otherwise the invoice will not come out to a zero balance.  The system will make this adjustment for you.

3) Enter any notes pertaining to the cancellation.

If you forget to add the cancellation fee, you will need to delete the invoice completely, then recreate it, then cancel it again and add the appropriate cancellation fee to bring the invoice to a zero balance.