Automatic Last Minute Discounts

Subscribers are now be able to define last minute discount(s) and have those discounts automatically applied during the booking process. For example, as the application exists today if I notice that I have a period on the horizon where I have significant availability, I have to manually reduce the rates for that period for each property to offer a discount. That's way too much manual labor and it's inefficient!

Going forward, the new process will allow me to define last minute discount rules:

Rule #1: For all available nights in the next 20 days, discount 10%

Rule #2: For all available nights in the next 14 days, discount 20%

Rule #3: For all available nights in the next 7 days, discount 30%

Rule #4:  For all available nights in the next 2 days, discount 50%

Last Minute Discount Setup

Last Minute Discount Setup

Thus this will allow the discounts to increase as the available night approaches. The best part is that these rules can be automatically applied which keeps my rate table clean and saves me a ton of extra effort – while increasing my occupancy.

Please read the lesson on Length of Stay Discounts to learn more about mutual exclusivity.