Automatic Length of Stay Discounts

In additional to daily, weekly and monthly rates, some property managers offer additional discounts which are triggerd by the length of the stay.

Discount Setup

Discount Setup

Step #1 is to identify the discount as a Length of Stay Discount.  The Last Minute Discount and the Length of Stay Discount are mutually exclusive.  You can have one but not the other.  Likewise if you have two separate discounts configured, one as a Length of Stay Discount and the other as a Last Minute Discount,  The Last Minute Discount will trump the Length of Stay Discount, two discounts cannot be applied concurrently.

Step #2: Setup the actual discount.   A percentage discount will discount a percentage off each nights stay.  A fixed discount will discount a one-time amount, not per night, just one-time, and it's taken off the first nights stay.

Step #3:  The "+" icon will allow you setup multiple rules within the discount.  In the example above, stays >3 nights are given an automatic 10% nightly discount and stays > 10 nights are given an automatic 20% discount.  You can keep adding the rules by clicking on the "+" icon.

Step #4: Is the discount an automatic discount?  Meaning do you want the discount to be automatically applied when a guest books online or when a booking is made manually over the phone.  

Step #5:  For properties that already have weekly (or monthly) rates setup (which are typically discounted from their nightly rate equivalents),  this option will determine whether the new discount should apply to weekly (or monthly) rates.  For example, if as in the example above, I have a rule that allows for any 10 night or greater stay to be given an automatic 20% discount, but maybe I have some properties that already have weekly rates setup and some properties that don't, I can choose to exempt the discount from those properties that already have weekly rates setup.

Step #6:  Create the discount.