Deposits / Fees / Services / Taxes

All deposits, fees, taxes and services must first be defined and then assigned to (or removed from) all (or individual) properties.  It is probably best to do this step AFTER all of your inventory has been added to Lodgix.

Please navigate to:

Settings > Inventory > Deposit / Fees / Services / Taxes


There are seven tabs that comprise the Universal Property Template:

  1. Reservation Deposit. Amount required to secure the reservation.  This is prepaid rent.
  2. Security Deposit. Amount required in addition to the reservation deposit.  A security deposit is always refundable and is never counted as income.
  3. Taxes.  Amount required by state, city and municipal taxing authorities.  Either a % or a per night flat fee.
  4. Fees.  Cleaning fees, processing fees, damage protection, travel insurance, etc. Either a % or a flat fee.
  5. Services.  Optional components of a reservation.  Usually ancillary items like firewood, chef, ski lift tickets, grocery delivery, etc.
  6. Discounts.  Discounts and Coupon Codes are covered in depth here.
  7. Damage Protection.  Accidental damage protection is explained here.

Add New Tax, Fee, Service or Deposit

Where are no current fees, services, taxes, etc. defined an Add ____ button will be present.  Click the ADD Fee (or ADD Service, etc.) button to setup a new fee, service, tax or deposit.  


If there are existing fees, services or taxes defined, then click the "+" icon located to the far right of any existing fee, service or deposit which will trigger the window to add a fee, service or deposit.

ADD to ALL or REMOVE from ALL Properties

ADD to ALL or REMOVE from ALL Properties

To quickly add or remove the item from all properties use the ADD to ALL Properties or Remove from ALL Properties buttons.

ADD or REMOVE from Selected Properties

To ADD or REMOVE fees from selected properties, you can toggle the dropdown to display properties that the selected fee, tax, service or deposit "is assigned" or "is not assigned" to.  Then use the "Add Fee" or "Remove Fee" buttons next to the chosen property to add / or remove it from that property.