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TripAdvisor / Flipkey / HolidayLettings.co.uk Integration

Lodgix is integrated to TripAdvisor which comprises TripAdvisor.com, FlipKey.com and HolidayLettings.co.uk.  TripAdvisor requires five (5) or more property listings to qualify for the integration.  

Go to Settings > Channel Management > Integrations

Go to Settings > Channel Management > Integrations

Follow the instructions under the Flipkey / TripAdvisor tab and make sure to enable the properties you wish to appear in the feed.  Using the feed will sync, edit and create listings on TripAdvisor properties,  and pull inquiries from all TripAdvisor properties.  We expect to offer the TripAdvisor reservation feed in early fall 2018.

You will have to setup a PM account with TripAdvisor by reaching out to pmsales@tripadvisor.com or fill out this form: https://www.tripadvisor.com/RentalInsights/get-started

When speaking with your TripAdvisor account manager, be sure to inform them of the frequency that you would like your property feed pulled. For new accounts it can be set anywhere from every 12 hours to once per week.

To sync calendar data with TripAdvisor, you must still use ical until our new reservation integration with TripAdvisor is complete.  Here are the instructions to setup iCal importing / exporting with TripAadvisor.

Important Note About Fees

It is important to note that TripAdvisor only accepts flat rate fees. Any fees entered as percentages will be converted to flat rates when parsed by TripAdvisor. So a 10% fee in Lodgix would become a $10 fee on TripAdvisor. Taxes are the opposite, and are calclated as percentages only.

Technical Support

Existing accounts can reach their account manager at propertymanagers@tripadvisor.com or by phone at 1-877-354-7539 ext 3

For technical support, the email is pmsupport@tripadvisor.com.