How Do I Find and Embed a Single Property Calendar?

The booking URL for a specific property can be found here.  

To embed the single property calendar into your website, read below.

Obtaining the HTML Code for Embedding a Single Property Calendar

Obtaining the HTML Code for Embedding a Single Unit Calendar

Step #1:  Click on the menu item for Booking Calendar Settings.

Important point to remember: Any settings you choose and save here will immediately be reflected wherever your calendar is displayed.  You only need to copy / paste the embed code once into your website or blog.  Any changes made after that will be immediately reflected on your calendar.

Calendar Settings


  1. Choose your desired property.
  2. Choose the layout of the calendar (recommended:  Display 1 month)
  3. Choose whether to Show or Hide Nightly Rates on the calendar.
  4. Choose whether to Show or Hide Weekly Rates on the calendar.
  5. Choose whether to Show or Hide any Last Minute Discounts on the calendar.
  6. Ask to Add Another Property is a field within the booking process that allows a guest to quickly add another property to the reservation. This field is optional.

Display Property Name

Choose whether to display the Property Name above the single property calendar. By default this is set to "Hide"


Embed Code

Embed Code

Video Overview of the Single Property Calendar