Employees Module Overview

The employees module is an optional module that adds a variety of functionality to the application including issuing employee access, alerting, and setting employee access rights.

Employee Login

The screenshot above shows the dashboard for each employee.  Employees are setup with a login using their primary email address.  Each employee is then assigned to a predefined group that is defined by the application and includes various limitations in terms of access to the system.

Employee Details

  1. Set the employees login email address. This must be a unique email in the Lodgix system.  If the employee already has an login with another property manager, an error may be generated saying that the employee email already exists in the system.  In that instance, a different email, or even a fictitious email could be used as only the contact email (see #2) will be used to communicate wit the employee.
  2. The contact email address for employee communication.
  3. Set or change the employees password
  4. Guest Reply-to email: This email will be used for the "reply to" field in emails that employees send to guests.
  5. Enter the employees name
  6. Choose if the employee is active or inactive

Employee Access Rights

There are predefined levels of access that can be assigned to each employee.  If you need a custom group with custom rights setup you can contact support and we may be able to provide it for you.  

Assign Specific Properties to Cleaning Staff Employees

For Cleaning Staff employees, access can be granted to specific properties only. This is useful if you have multiple cleaning crews that are each responsible for a certain group of properties.

  1. Click on the Properties tab
  2. Enable property permissions for this employee
  3. Select which properties the employee should have access to.

Employee Alerting

Employee alerting allows each employee to be setup with a series of alerts depending on their job function.  All employee alerts can be setup within the triggers area of Lodgix.  Once the employees module is added to your account, the triggers interface is updated with new functionality including additional conditions for sending our PDF calendars, payroll deadline alerts as well as new fields to send trigger emails to employees.

Types of alerts possible with the employees module include:

Guest Check-in and Check-out alerts

Guest Cancellation Alerts (w/ calendar)

Calendar Alert (w/ calendar)

Invoice Status Alert

The payroll deadline alert will only be shown if the payroll functionality has been enabled.  If enabled the employee will be alerted that payroll is due soon and they must enter their hours.  If the payroll deadline passes and the employee has not entered their hours and an additional email will be sent to the employee warning them that unless they submit their hours they miss payroll and not get paid.

The calendar alert is an informational email that can be set to email the employee a PDF calendar showing availability for a predefined period of time.  Many property managers like the employee to be notified twice per month with a calendar showing the availability for the next two weeks.  Many employees will print the PDF and tack it up in the employee area or keep it handy to remind them of their upcoming responsibilities.  It's also nice for the staff to know the names of each guest so they can greet them by name at the property. A sample of the PDF calendar is shown in the next step.

Sample PDF Calendar

Sample PDF Calendar

Each date on the calendar is marked with a number that corresponds to a guest in the key underneath.  The key shows the check-in / check-out times for each guest as well as the guest name.