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How to signup for a merchant account from CDG Commerce / Quantum payment gateway

Note:   While Lodgix continues to have an active gateway connect with CDG / Quantum, we can no longer recommend their services.   Stripe.com offers a much quicker, more simple connection without all the hassle and hurdles that CDG continues to require.  CDG is a good company, however their customer service has gone downhill and we just can't in good faith continue to recommend them.

If you do desire to proceed with CDG, please follow the steps below:

This is the link to signup for a CDG Merchant Account using the Quantum Gateway,  click on the APPLY link at the bottom of that page.  


Signing up for a merchant account should take about 30 minutes to fill out the application and 1 to 2 business days for underwriting. 

Have this information at your fingertips when filling out the CDG online application:

  1. Estimate your monthly charges and your total charge volume per year.   Take an educated guess, but think through your answer.  
  2. CDG will ask you to choose a payment gateway, QUANTUM or AUTHORIZE.net, make sure to choose QUANTUM (saves you $15.00 per month)
  3. CDG will ask if you want a MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order or Internet account.   Choose Internet  / e-commerce because you want to both accept credit cards over the phone and over the Internet using Lodgix.com.
  4. There are some changes required for your website. These changes are simple and are detailed below.  Having these changes done before your application is submitted will speed the underwriting process considerably.

CDG will ask to test drive your shopping cart or billing software.  

Send them to: http://www.lodgix.com/demo_booking_calendar/, this will allow CDG to view the booking process and enter a credit card number to assure that Lodgix.com is using the proper security (SSL) to secure and encrypt the guest's credit card number.  We have implemented the Quantum Gateway on the demo account.  This will suffice for CDG underwriting.

Great news!!  You should be done.   One additional note:  If you have an existing merchant account, they may ask for three months of your most recent merchant account statements as well as three months of bank statements.   That's easy - just fax them that information and you are all set!