How do I setup to integrate with

Login to the payment gateway here:

Check that gateway is NOT in test mode

If your gateway is new, and you have not used it before, it may be in "test mode:, it needs to be in "live mode". To check, please click on the "Settings" menu item and then click on the "Test Mode" menu item.  

There you will find the button that will toggle the mode between "test mode" and "live mode", make sure it's in "live mode".

API Login ID and Transaction Key Location

While on the settings page, make sure you know where the link for "API Credentials & Keys" is located.  You will see it near the link for "Test Mode".

You will need to cut and paste the API Login ID and Transaction Key into the Payment Gateway setup area within the application.  For now, just know where it is located within the payment gateway.

Enable Customer Information Manager (CIM)

Enable Customer Information Manager (CIM)

And finally, you will need to enable the Customer Information Manager  (CIM) within  This is required if you wish to use with  CIM allows you to securely store your guest's credit card number at the servers. It should give you comfort that your credit card data is being stored at some of the most secure servers in the world.

To enable CIM, return to the main menu for and click on the "Customer Information Manager" menu item (see screenshot below) and then follow the steps to enable it within your account:

Final Steps

Final Steps setup is complete. However you will need to cut and paste the API Login ID and Transaction Key into your application, so keep the window open. Payment Gateway Setup

1) Login to

2) Go to "Payment Gateway Setup" menu item

3) Choose "Authorize.Net" from the list of gateway options

4) Enter your API Login ID and Transaction Key (found within your Gateway)

6) Save your settings